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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Thinkin'.............!

Just thinkin'.............do you feel like Social Networks are now as cumbersome as several cell phones clipped to your belt? One for work, one for kids, one for unanimous, one for...........well, you get the picture. There's sooo many different networks to juggle in order to keep up with each connection. Phewh.........I'm tired just writing about it, much less actually keeping up virtually. Just thinkin'.......is there an easier way?

Here's to the search on the web being easier than the search on the street, and the connection on the web being more instant than the connection in person, and the chance to be whatever we want to be just by being on the web networking!

I love the web, wouldn't want to be without it! But, love poking fun at it's power, too! LOL! Makes ya think, right? Just thinkin'.......! xo


  1. It's great to be able to connect with people from everwhere so quickly, just sometimes though you wish it was more person to person. Sometimes one can have too much and forget about the outside and how to relax in it. Some barely go on holiday without having to check in online. But the information you can learn on the web is great. I guess it just goes with keeping it all balanced :) I hope you have a great day!! xx

  2. I agree, sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming. With all the buzz about Google+ I keep thinking: really?? Do we need it??