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'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

'LUSH' Picks.....!

Fabulously classic, vibrant, and fun..........I'd say 'Happy Feet'! I purchased these for myself and love wearing them! They turn heads, being something other than the usual, but lovely, black, white, brown, or navy. Pink Coach Maureen Sandal......a 'LUSH' pick!

Not everyone feels that a pair of antlers makes a great decorating accessory! But, I seem to live amongst men that hunt! So, any chance I get to blend the VERY masculine taste with my own womanly taste, I jump to it! There are so many different choices of decorative antlers, in various colors, these days. However, for the more classic statement, without being the real 'taxidermied' variety, these white resin deer antlers can do the trick!


  1. Coach is really starting to look great, have found a few things over the last year that have caught my attention, those shoes rock!

  2. Those shoes look like so much fun, love them!! I'll be sure to post some of the pictures I took if they've come out alright, the jets went so fast, hehe. But, it was a fantastic show and they flew right over my house, I had a great seat ; ) I hope you'll have a wonderful Friday!! xx

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