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Thursday, July 21, 2011

'LUSH' Picks.....!

(Apologies for the repeated posting. Good ole glitches! Frustrating!)
Here we are, mid-summer, and back-to-school is the focus in retail. School....it's bittersweet! Emotions are mixed with sadness of EVEN the thought of summer ending, and, excitement with the newness of another season, seeing school friends and families!

So, as I continue to add to my summer wardrobe, I compile my wants for transitioning pieces from summer to pre-fall and in to fall. All are 'LUSH' picks!

Lilly Pulitzer summer must-haves.

J.Crew summer to pre-fall transitioning must-haves.

J.Crew fall casual must-haves.

J.Crew fall business or social dress must-haves.

Transitioning can be exciting! (Repetition of the same posting.....not exciting!) xo