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Monday, August 8, 2011

Marriage is Elementary!

Relationships can be difficult, especially marriage! Those who know me, know that I continually say, "Love is easy. It's the people (we) who make it difficult ('cause we're difficult)." What do I mean by easy? There are wonderful fundamental ways of re-assuring that love remains love, because love is a doing word! We have reminders/rules for us to continually do things to show we love. All of these doing things evolve around respect, with manners. When I came across this "classroom rules" sign, I realized how it involves that very virtue. And, with that, I realized most of the love rules for marriage are elementary!

Classroom Rules sign via barn owl primitives on etsy.com
You get the picture! It's all too easy to figure out! It just inevitably seems too hard to consistently carry out!

May we find it easier, than an elementary aged child, to follow the rules of love and respect, with manners. xo


  1. Great sign, it should be the law that every home has this sign somewhere that they can see it and often! It is hard work, and is much like a plant/flower, you have to water it and nourish it for it to grow stay strong.

  2. So true what you've said, a relationship is one that constantly hasto be worked on. This sign gives some great reminders too!! So cute! xx

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