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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For the Love of Things that Bark, and Things We Park!

I love books! And, I have them sitting out for others to enjoy, as well as myself!
Whether you call them "coffee table books" or "conversation books", Barkitecture is a definite addition to your collection!
A lighthearted collection of some of the most outstanding and outrageous works of "barkitecture" ever created. Awhhhh........how can you not want to add a great book to your collection regarding your "best friend(s)"!

Barkitecture via Amazon

What is it about riding a bike that invigorates and rejuvenates? For me, there are several reasons! I love the simplicity of a relaxing bike ride. I love feeling that both my mind and my body are being treated kindly and usefully. I love that a bike does not use any fuels other than muscle. I love that a bike denotes friendliness. And, I wouldn't mind if my bike was my mode of transportation, other than walking, most of the time. HOWEVER........................

Bike in New York via Habitually Chic
................ there is a really cool community of seniors (and I think it would be awesome for everyone, not just seniors) that use their golf carts as their everyday mode of transportation. I saw the story on CBS News Sunday Morning! What a great way to be simple, social, and environmentally conscientious! And, what child (young and old) wouldn't get a kick out of riding around in one?

The Villages of Florida Golf Carts

Here's to our friends that bark, and things we park! xo