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Monday, August 22, 2011

Thankful that It Doesn't Always Have to Be a Struggle!

I wish that every week would produce magnificent results, as easily as this kitchen makeover /Between Naps on the Porch. There are many makeovers to choose from as an example, but after a grueling past week, this one seemed ALL too simple, which again brought to realization that NOT EVERYTHING has to be a struggle.

And, even though there might be a struggle, I STILL give thanks! Simple thanks and gratitude..........Isn't that what motivates any one of us? To be simply inspired, I urge you to read the easy-read children's (adult's, too) book below! You will not be disappointed, only THANKFUL! (read it on line free here!)

Happy Monday! And, wishes for much needed productivity! xo

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  1. It's a great thing to be thankful, I think when you are..you appreciate much more of what you have and don't worry so much about what you'd like to have :) Struggles are good for the soul I have learned..I shall read the book for sure ;) Have a great Monday flower xo