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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plastic Never Looked So Good!

Remember the "old days" when grandmas or moms wouldn't remove the plastic off of the newly purchased sofa, lamp shades, etc? It was preventive measure to keep it looking nice, save it from dirt and stains, and sustain it's life because "money didn't grow on trees". And, then, what about using plastic or paper dinnerware, "because it saves on cleaning up", or "that way NO one has to do dishes"? (This was all a part of my world growing up! And, I can compassionate, reasonably, as to why these habits were practiced, even though we didn't think of re-cycling as part of the using of plastic.) 

Today, with all the beautiful acrylic furniture pieces and dinnerware offered, moms and grandmas would've been in relaxed luxury heaven! The traditional housewife, homemaker, and working-woman, back then, would have been able to fashionably decorate, provide beautiful dinner settings, sustain the life of the housewares, while keeping within their budget, and not having to feel any fear, or shame, that their "wares" or "furniture" would be damaged from spills, breaks, stains, or out-datedness. Acrylic (recyclable, and made from recyclabled materials)--it's "a good thing"? Hmmm, maybe it's a great thing?



  1. yes, a great thing! love these transparent chairs so much. Happy belated birthday to you, Shelly! wishing you love, love, love

    warm hugs to you

  2. They look wonderful!! I remember plastic on furniture, I used to slide off it in the summer when it was roasting, LOL! Thankheavens thats gone..hope you are doing well :) xx

  3. Maria, thank you for the birthday wish! Love back in abundance to you!

    Timbarika, I can't imagine sliding off! Oh my, I find that comical, even though I know it wasn't and it was a sign of the times. It was hot wasn't it? I remember days of not being able to cool off. I am so glad that we've moved passed that too! xoxoxox to you doll!