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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Stopping In!!

I'm learning that some "returns" are actually welcomed during the gift-giving season! No, seriously........

I have been working non-stop. I feel so detached from such a wonderful place, such as blogland! But, priorities have to be set and acted upon. I will return, but don't have an exact time. Until then...........

 Work work work.

Rejuvenate. Rest.

'Cause sometimes this can sorta be true.

And, if not, nothing can really get me down. I am stronger than circumstances, (or work fatigue).

Besides, I have my trip (NY) booked solid(even though I am a bit delayed), and I can't wait to take that break!!

Soon (I pray), I will return! And, I hope to have so much more to share in blogland! I may be able to peak in every so often to post. Til then, I send continued prayers for wonderful days each day of the holiday season! xo

 (images via tumblr ,the Paris Apartment, and zsa zsa bellagio)