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Monday, December 5, 2011

Making Connections, Fashionably!

Dressing for Christmas and Holiday parties is in full swing! Add to your holiday party dazzle by treating oneself to shoe luxury with Marchez Vous!! Who knew Yeardley Smith would be a shoe enthusiast and designer? My son text me while visiting with Yeardley, prompting me to post (and boast) about her shoe collection!!!! Read The story about Marchez Vous and her mission to marry beauty with comfort! Yeardley's quote, "I love shoes. No seriously, I LOVE shoes!"  Just like her, right?! I can actually hear her saying it!  : )
Yeardley Smith of Marchez Vous

Just a taste of her many designs..........

And, since I'm on the subject of beauty and comfort, let me elaborate...............

Let's talk HOUSTON FASHION! I've decided to start posting those who do Houston Fashionably well!!! I enjoy great fashion. I enjoy sharing great taste in fashion. AND, I so admire a working mom (or any mom) who can pull off great fashion taste with grace and ease.

While at our children's Christmas breakfast, I spotted her (as I am a people/fashion watcher)! I was in admiration of her classic elegance. While my photography does not do the subject, nor the fashion, justice, you 'get the picture'.  Marla Myers, orthodontist, wife, mother, and definite fashion classic!

Her dress-TULEH. Handbag and shoes-BROOKS BROTHERS BLACK FLEECE!

Her practice is in Houston, TX. 
In addition, my conversation with Marla revealed the many ways we ( as in the world and locally) are connected by familial status, as well as, shared interests or crossing paths. Marla's brother, Rob Magness, is a designer in New York (leading us to make the connection since my oldest, Parker, is also in the fashion industry in NY). Rob has a wonderful story of success. His brand, and store, is grown&sewn. You will love his classic American design.

I hope your holidays are hectic with love and excitement! Have a blessed week! xo