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Friday, March 23, 2012

I Want Peace Everywhere!

No, seriously, I do want peace everywhere--world peace, internal peace, peace within families, communities, all relationships! However, skipping over to a less profound note, and, yet, a stylishly fun note............

..... I stumbled across these peace sign photos, again! For me, the "peace sign" has a strong image and meaning, and  I love the thought of having it as an illuminated reminder around the home.  This is what I refer to as a retro-cool, or stylishly fun message display.

Although I will indulge in the fun of displaying the lighted peace sign in my home, I'll revert back to my original statement that "I want peace everywhere", and be more convicted, this Lenten season and always, of this being the True Sign of Peace-- more profound in it's image and meaning than any other sign! This is the sign of peace that should not only be displayed, but unwaveringly portrayed.
images via pinterest and etsy

Have a peace-filled weekend! xo