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Friday, March 9, 2012

No Matter What the Message, As Long As the Pictures Catch Our Attention.....!

Visual Inspiration is as important to bloggers, pinners, tumblr's, etc., as the written message. Maybe even more important. And, for that reason, I honestly love to have as impactful of a photo selection as possible. Yes, the more senses we touch, the more our message is sustained. However, what the eye sees, the heart (and brain) cannot deny. So, here's a message (maybe not that important), with pictures that should make you say "aahhhh that's so pretty, and refreshing" (or something to that affect, as long as it makes you feel good, which actually is the focus of this post anyway)!

No matter what your weekend brings, I pray it's just as fresh and colorful as these images! 
It's beginning to look alot like Spring! And remember, don't forget to "spring forward" this weekend. 

In my "neck of the woods" (city, actually), the weekend forecast is "RAIN". No problem for me. I sleep soundly in the rain. And, having rain on a weekend, with no substantial plans, is like having scheduled rest! 

Hope you enjoyed what you saw. And, hope you find a reason to schedule relaxation this weekend! xo

 images via Pinterest, Tumblr, and Oohlafroufrou