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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's True! And, It Lasts!

I love lipstick! I love lipstick! Did I mention, I love lipstick? It's that one cosmetic accessory that brightens and accentuates one's face and smile. I love purchasing a new lipstick for the season, especially Spring! And, Spring color that's true, and lives up to it's lasting reputation, is Perpetual Peony 14HR Lipstick by Maybelline! Although I'm an advocate for high end beauty products, I do, also, purchase "drugstore" brand items. And this one is 'LUSH'.

(Bare with me, as I indulge in photos of myself {really starting to show my age-YIKES}! I took the chance of revealing myself wearing the lipstick in order to reveal it's truth in performance and trueness in color.)

It's Perpetual Peony. Perfect for Spring. True in color, coverage, and, it lasts. (No lipliner, or lip base was applied.)

Hope your day leaves you feeling beautiful and youthful! xo