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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back from Miami Update--Finally!!!

WOW! What a weekend! And, I am still not recuperated! (Is it age, or overload in responsibility........or both? Exhausted, or not, .........I am so grateful I was able to be there to support him.)

The flight over was smooth and on-time. We (my youngest and I) were so excited to touch down and be in Miami to see Parker!

From the window of the hotel shuttle the view of the water and surroundings was "so Miami"! Exciting!

Naturally, the first thing I started to do, as my sons laughed at my obsession, was admiring and taking photos of beautiful original buildings and structures!

We followed my oldest to the beach to visit with the Nautica staff.

I started snapping pictures again!

He was getting his Nautica race gear and t-shirts.

And, he loves to visit-- One of his lovely personality attributes! (He's pictured here with one of the staff on break! What a way to take a work break, right?)

And, here I am, AGAIN, snapping photos of lovely buildings and whatever else!

I was refreshed by the colors and details of each building.

I had to snap this just because of its name!

The next day, we headed back to the beach to finalize the race entry.

We had to get a photo with Lauren, Parker's fundraising contact for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. (He exceeded well over his anticipated goal. They were so happy. For very personal sentiments, we were so happy, too!)

I started snapping photos again. This, of course, is the main stage.

Don't you just love sand art?

Immediately after crossing the finish line, Nautica conducted the scheduled interview.

While interviewing, I took some snapshots.

He's pictured here with his friend, Jess Rossing, who is pro status in the triathlons. She is in fantastic condition, and an incredible person.

He is not a pro, although he is an exceptional athlete. He trains as often as possible.  He placed 7th in his age bracket, and 91 out of 1500 in his class with 3000 being the total participants. He qualified for the Nationals. Not bad, eh?

I am extremely proud of his efforts to use one of his talents to help others by bringing awareness to special needs and charities. His focus is the children of St. Judes, autism awareness, and the military.

I want to thank everyone who donated or prayed for Parker to be successful in his efforts. It worked!!!

God bless. xo


  1. Is that your son? What a handsome boy!

    1. Thank you LPC! He is my oldest of three sons! Thank you so much!

  2. How fun! And such a great cause. Love the pics. And the one with the pink caddy, of course, you had to take that one. Pink! Congrats to your son for doing so well and keeping up the tradition of supporting St Judes. Glad you had fun and made it home safely.

    1. I guess by now, liking pink is no secret eh? LOL! And, thank you for congratulating my sons efforts and results! He really put his heart into it! I am really proud of him! Thank you so much for the supportive and positive comment!

  3. Marvelous..well done to him!! Love the pictures!! xox

    1. Thank you Timabarika! I am very grateful and proud of his accomplishments! xo

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