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Thursday, May 10, 2012

With Love, to My Mother, and All Mothers!

She is full-blooded Sicilian-Italian descent, classic, beautiful, sultry, loving, and hard-hard working.
She cooks amazingly, she sings like a star, and keeps her home warm and welcoming. She is caring and has loving, healing hands. She had 9 children in 15 years, and kept her shape (that is success), all while unselfishly working herself to death to try and meet all needs. She was my first style icon.  She is my mother. I love her. She deserves everything wonderful!

This song, "Morning Star" by Nat King Cole, is befitting to her--seriously could've been written just for her. In every account of raising and teaching her children what she knew about life, love and faith, her eyes filled with the love and warmth of the hope-filled promises of the Morning Star.  (I hope you'll listen to it. You may very well want to pass it on to a special mom, or one who's been like a mom.)
Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers, or serve the roll as a mother! xo