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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Jumble.

While on a quick trip through one of the very local junk stores, I spotted this little (well, more like volleyball size) bird! I could not pass it up! It made me smile. I had to have it. It was a couple of dollars, which made it a bit easier to decide. (Haven't found it's "home" quite yet, but at least it's home with me.)

I never really post any projects that I complete. And, I can't actually show all of this one, but I thought I'd share just a peak. My oldest son's apartment in Manhattan needed just a slight mother's touch. While he has extremely great taste, I seem to have the steadier hand in painting (no mess, no drip, quick). So, one evening while we cooked dinner and had his friends hanging out (which is a joy for me), I painted. I know this isn't the entire project, but........you get the idea! (Simple) Paint, color, and accents make a difference. (Oh,  it sounds as though I worked while they played, but you'd have to know the whole story on how I, and my boys, work, together. Not gonna bore you with that, but "it" works.)

May not be anyone other than my color choices, color mixes, and textures, but here's a bit of what I'm playing with this month. 

Ok...........had my fun. Now, I gotta get back to work. Happy Tuesday! xo