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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Taken Me Too Long,

 And, it's time to......

(Definitely my new motto!!)
"Eat cake and move on!"

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to actually post. I have been busy busy busy settling, combined with the excitement of exploring a new community, while working on my tan as I walk my dog, and introducing myself to my neighbors. (Ha. The "tan" part hasn't been intentional, but it brings back memories of youth.) Click on the photo below to enlarge it, and take a look at just a smidgen of my new surroundings called "home". It's pretty nice--I must admit.

I have tried to visit those of you who I share a closer blog bond. However, I have failed in my attempt to be consistent, and wish to apologize profusely. You have been extremely caring by sending me support messages. All have been greatly appreciated!! It seems I have only had "mindless energy" to post on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook. I say "mindless" because for me, passing on, or sharing already posted content, does not involve my total emotions. Clicking buttons is easy. Writing out my feelings is a bit more taxing!!!

Nevertheless, I am back. Changes will continue to take place as we are actually in a "luxury apartment" until we find "the" house.

Glad to be back! Missed the friendship sharing!!



  1. No need to apologize, Shelly -- real life comes first! And it looks like you have a lovely spot to enjoy.

    I did miss your posts, though, and am happy to see you back.

    By the way, there is a surprise for you on the Style Maniac blog (see post of 9/10/12. Welcome back to blogging and thank you for the continued inspiration and support.

  2. Shelly....can't tell you how excited l was to see that you've posted, wish l'd thought to send you a support message but know that l've definitely thought of you often and wondered how you were settling in to your new environment...gosh it really looks LUSH there!! Hope you have lots of fun looking for your new place but you're right of course to take your time...l understand that you'll want your new house to "speak to you"...have a fabulous rest of your week won't you and a BIG welcome back to blogland.

  3. You are back! Missed you! Looks like you are doing well, I am a bit jealous seeing the beach is near by? Good luck on your continued hunt for the perfect place.

  4. Welcome back! It all sounds good and happy to hear you are settling in....summer I think bloggers go in many directions, checking in when they can (me included). Thats the beauty of a blog, you get to determine your schedule! Glad you are back and love the mug!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wow! Can't wish for more than you beautiful women to welcome me so readily and sincerely!!! Thank you again and again! I will see you each in your own piece of blog heaven!!! xo

  6. Hello Shelly~ I am thrilled to see you back in blog land. I just responded to your comment on my post and now I realize you are back! The photos are lovely and it seems you are settling in and creating your 'lush' environment as always. Clearly that vibe follows you wherever you go.
    Your blog and encouragement have so inspired me along my journey into the world of blogging/life. Now I'm looking forward to sharing this next chapter as it unfolds for you inspiring lady!
    Cheers and love, Heather

  7. Am really happy your back, I tried to keep up with your postings on tumblr & pinterest too. I said hello on pinterest, but not sure if you seen it. I'm happy to know you are settling in well, the surroundings are stunning! What views :)) I hope you continue to settle in and make it home until you find the 'home'. I know you will. Have a wonderful weekend petal!! xox