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Friday, September 14, 2012

What Does Your Pinterest Reveal About You?

For some, Pinterest is the collection of their work. Others collect recipes, showing their love of food or cooking. While others organize DIY projects they hope to do, or have already done. There are those who love to accumulate "sayings" or "quotes" (which do inspire me, but I refuse to start collecting because I will never stop. I love a powerful quote.)  The reasons to PIN go on and on. And, each account with it's many boards, is as unique as its creator.

Just like the first impression given when a visitor enters your home, or the impression made by the clothing you chose today....Pinterest reveals a part of our personality, or character, without speaking, or actually being seen. From simplicity to complexity, sassy or settled, what you PIN is what you are (or want to be).

My Pinterest is a plethora of images of my favorite styles, colors, textures, designs, certain furnishings, landscapes, adventures, or possessions derived from all facets of my personality. And, to PIN, is not work, it's play for me. It's part real and part fantasy!!!  What does it reveal about me? I love good things, and great things. I love pretty things and beautiful things. I love luxury, want to live it, and relish it. But, am equally content with the simple luxuries of great life moments of love, shared fun, relaxation, or simple adventures. I love a mix of home decor style from rustic, to simple, to classic, to swank. I love clothes--good clothes. I feel comfortable in vintage, as well as new. My favorite colors are a shade of pink, but mostly navy blue and white--and, throw in a dose of leather and animal print somewhere, add fur, gold, silver, mirror, glass or crystal!  I absolutely love a lush yard, with the classic pool. I love adventure--from the great travels around the world to the camp-out under my own roof.  And, creative minds amaze, and excite, me, thus is my ode to Fabu'LUSH' Creativity.  

My Pinterest reveals who I am in real life. I can be easily assessed because I seldom leave any room for wondering. 

From Luxury......

to simple luxuries..........

From everyday girl ..........to couture junkie..............

from classic.........

to swank..............

This is all me!

In addition.......
I love America and its colors.
I love the holidays and seasons.
I love architectural features, like doors and windows.
And, I love a particular fashion style, and lifestyle, for men.

This is ME you are learning about when visiting my Pinterest boards.


And, I love LOVE.


As I re-pin your PINS, am I getting to know YOU?

Well then.............see YOU there (in Pinterest land)!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

(all images can be found on my pinterest board 'LUSH'  linking back to the original sources)


  1. This is a great post Shelly. I love my Pinterest boards! Sometimes I just like looking through old pins instead of looking for new ones. It's all fun and a little obsessive. I wish I could live on my boards...ok, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but I love it! My favorite things to pin are flowers and room designs. See you there!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! And, it is obsessive isn't it? Yikes. Oh well....it's so fun!!!
      Yes, I will see you there!!

  2. Looks like you are a super stylish person. I'm not active on Pinterest, but I should use it more often.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Thank you. It's just for fun, and it's too easy. There is definitely loads of inspiration for decorating, to cooking, to the latest styles, etc. It can be a girls treasure box.

  3. What an interesting and thought provoking post Shelly...l've always known you to be a stylish lass:-))lovin all your gorgeous pics. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wander the streets in a long pink dress...l don't have a facebook, twitter and therefor a pinterest account...but my daughter can't get enough of pinterest and has pinned lots of awesome stuff..(just google- bree sandwith if you'd like a peek).

    1. Hi Bron! Just connected to your daughter's Pinterest. I understand her obsession. It's the easiest way to shop ideas (easier than a magazine or catalog for sure). xo

  4. Shelly l visited your pinterest after l commented here and sheesh you have gorgeous stuff there as well....lt was almost surprising that l loved pretty much everything you have on there,the white interiors page is awesome... and you're right about pinterest saying a lot about a person without words. It's easy to see your BIG passion for stylish beautiful things.

    1. Thank you, Bron! I try to stay away from Pinterest, but it's fun, and the ideas are endless. It's sort of a fantasy land for me. I'm glad we share a passion for many of the same things, it strengthens the connection. xo

  5. Ever so thoughtful and inspiring, Shelly! As I've known, from crossing paths with you in Pinterest, you are incredibly stylish and sophisticated with a down home, cozy twist. Your post beautifully describes the shades of our style and personality that come through in our selections. You make me think...what do my Pinterest boards say about me? Here's to more ohhhing and ahhhing our way through Pinterest.

    By the way? Does pinning count as exercise?
    How about pinning in one hand and raising a glass of wine in the other? ;)
    Love your post, my friend. Cheers,, OX Heather

    1. OMG, I am smiling, with a giggle. You are too cute! If pinning was exercise I should be ready for a triathlon! Ha! As for style, you had it in the bag as soon as you created your blog--it's Ooh la la chic!! Thank you Heather for the inspiration too!! Would love to be actually raising a glass with you one day!!! xo

  6. Wonderful. I do love pinterest, I find all kinds of pretty things on there. And they do say a lot. Mine has quotes, gorgeous buildings, animals, vintage dresses, lots of things. It's nice to daydream when things get stressful and you need a pick me up and it also gives good ideas for improving life too. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! xo

    1. Timbarika, absolutely know you through your Pinterest. You are very expressive, and each board is definitely a statement in regards to your inner art talent, individuality, and beauty. I hope you are having a beautiful week so far, too. xo