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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Discovering, Recovering, and Hovering!

So, as I continue to enjoy my fall journey,

I consistently discover 
many many quirky, astonishing, 
and entertaining things in and about 
my new little city.


Every week, if not at times, every day, 
as I take my walk around the lake,
I see my little friend (below).
 She's been named Marchesa!
 Isn't she lovely, and fashionably feathery?
 Life inspires fashion.

 I believe Marchesa 
should feel very honored that 
her look was chosen 
for a movie premier.

Love this look.
I'd prefer to wear it,
this way!

Also, along the way, 
I continue to recover 
(bring back to it's useful place)
 my favorite 
 vintage furniture and clothing.


My recent find at Goodwill--
 (OK, actually, my little sister found the bar cart, 
and called me right away!).
$27 later, the impeccable conditioned, 
heavy, brass, bar cart, and brass lamp,
were in my car, headed to storage for my new home.

I was ecstatic with my purchase, 
especially when I found 
 a similar model had just sold, 
at auction,
on ebay,
after 33 bids, 
with shipping an additional $200.

And, last,
here is my newest project!
History is oozing from this home.
Dated back to 1966,
custom built for spacelab astronaut, 
his wife, and four children.


Poor contractors........
I'm at the sight, everyday.
I believe in 
"measure twice, cut once".
I am considerate to them.
They are considerate to me.

I'll be posting photos in the next few weeks!

Have a blessed week! xo


  1. "Marchesa is adorable and course the pinnacle of fashion in her feathered finery..hehe!
    Your bar cart was an amazing buy, kudos to your Sis as well for finding it:-))Your new home is so beautiful...l've always adored attics and attic windows, how exciting to be renovating, hope it becomes everything you wish it to be...can't wait for the updates ....blessings to you to Shelly.

    1. Hi Bron! Marchesa is adorable, agreed! I am inspired by several of my favorite blogs, yours is one of them! I will be posting the homes progress! Of course, I can't wait till it's actually done. Blessings to you, too! xo

  2. Adorable new friend...she is beautiful!! I prefer your choice as well :) What a find with the cart, so nice too! Your new home is wonderful, very nice, I hope all the renovating gets finished without any hitches. Can't wait to see :)) Have a wonderful rest of the week :)


    (my new blog)

    1. Love your new blog, Timbarika! You are so talented! You inspire so much in my days! Have a wonderful rest of the week, also! xo

  3. Ohhhhh I just love that dress Jessica Biel is wearing and the one below it is even better! Auntie Ann is the queen of those deal, isn't she? Love the bar cart! So happy for you and the family to get into y'all's new house :) love you!

    1. Thank you, Chelsy! Lookin' forward to the family gatherings!! A new era is beginning! xo

  4. when the house is done, i'm movin' in...
    i'll bring the goodies to stock the new bar cart...

    1. OK!!!! Slumber parties! Wine and chocolates by the fireplace!! xo

  5. Hello Shelly! How have I missed this fabulous post until now? I absolutely adore your pretty friend Marchesa and her amazing style as well as the feathery numbers. Now, on to that steal of a bar cart you found...it will be so perfect in your new digs. The HOUSE-how incredibly exciting to have a project such as this to put your own personal design aesthetic to work. Knowing you, this will be a fabulous house, but more importantly a home with a heart. I can't wait to follow your journey my friend.
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, I'm so happy to hear from you! And, I certainly hope I can make this home live up to it's potential! I will be posting in the next week a few updates!!! xo

  6. Wow -- is that your new house!? Amazing. Can't wait to see more!

    Great find on the bar cart -- so funny, I have a very similar one in my living room, also from GoodWill, also under 30 bucks. Across states and time we have quite similar taste!

    1. Now that's when I'd say "great minds think alike"! Love it! xo

  7. Hello my friend...I can't wait to see what you do with your NEW HOME!! how fun & great history!! LOVE. hugs :)

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for stopping by, it's been a long time. I have missed visiting my regular blogging friends. I think refurbishing a home during the holidays is not a very good idea. Oh well, it's gotta be done. Love and hugs to you too! xo

    2. i'm with you girly! i'm always working on the house..it's a NEVER ending project!! as long as you take breaks it'll all be good! btw- isn't super hard to get in the spirit of Christmas with this yucky muggy weather we are having...ugggh!! xo

  8. I love the brass color gives it a vintage look.