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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"The White House, of Nassau Bay, Texas".

My house has been named. And, rightly so. 
It's a white house. 
It's in Nassau Bay, and Texas. 
Hence, the name-
"The White House, of Nassau Bay, Texas". 
(Shortened in conversation, held in Texas, 
to "the white house of Nassau Bay".)

Updates. Much done, and MUCH TO STILL DO!!!!!

Exterior first coat of paint. 
I have an exterior completion checklist , 
a mile long, including the landscaping.
Picture an overflow of vibrant colored flowers 
and flowering shrubs against the white-
perhaps a bay-side paradise.

Naturally, a checklist is written for my front entrance, too.
 (Love the tiles, and the diamond panes.)

One of my favorite rooms--as for now, 
deemed "the fireplace room". 
It was originally the family room, 
but we enclosed a two car garage 
to be a family/media room. 
And, there is a detached three car garage 
and garage apartment.

The word is "brass is back". 
So, Craigslist-a-hunting I went.  
(We'll see how it all takes shape.)

Love my office. Love the windows.

One view of the kitchen (need appliances and my island).

Formal living and dining (lacking the "WOW" factor that I am aiming for).

Nothing is in its permanent place. I have a long road of decorating ahead of me.
The rooms need everything--light fixtures to...............OH........everything!

By the way, my camera finally decided it had served its life. I am using my phone camera for now. You cannot capture the true essence, the depth, or the correct lighting of the rooms. For that matter, the same goes for the exterior. But, for now, it will have to do.

Hope all are having a perfect weekend!! xo