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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Learning to Live Much Differently!

Stress Destroys!
No other way to state it.
I have been learning to live much differently.
Take things slower.
Accept less tasks.
Don't be afraid to take care of self!

Several blogger friends
 have asked the same questions
 in regards to being over-inundated
with the need to use the many tools
of social media. 
I, too, researched
 the "what", the "why", and the "how" 
to utilize
the "right" social media tools, 
so that our message is shared properly,
our businesses can grow,
and, yet,
 still be able to lead healthy personal lives.
 I found this explanation on the internet.

Everything within moderation.
Don't let the internet be the largest part of your day.
(I will be happy and delighted to hear others views. 
I am always eager to learn!!)

However, one question still eludes me
for the perfect answer--
should the host of the blog
reply to every comment of every post?
How should replying actually be handled, 
when the host is not certain that the commentor 
may not actually ever receive the reply?
I follow blogs in which the hosts does reply to each, 
and blogs in which the hosts do not.
Please help!!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Hiya lovely!! I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself :) Sometimes there can be too much social media and what to choose from. I think it's best to choose the ones you enjoy the most and leave it at that. I do reply to everyone I can, but some days I just can't do it, I get too tired from doing everything, but I can't stress on that really. I think it's more than what a lot of bloggers do really. There are some bloggers that reply to no one and just expect you to constantly read everything they post, but don't give anything back. But, I understand that everyone is busy in life, so doing the best you can do is the best you can do :)) I reply to everyone's comment on my blog, but if it's urgent question or a serious matter, I'll go and answer on their blog, so they know I'm reading :) I just take every instance for itself and that's all i can do. Health and rest and happiness is most important!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week :))) Xxxx

    1. Hi Timbarika!!! It's wonderful to hear from you, and the others!! I love your answer in regards to social media overload. I know you, like the others, love life with the family, and work to balance every ounce of your time. I agree with the with replying to each comment. If the reader took the time to comment, the blog host should reply. It could be comparative to not answering a message on your phone.

      I know you are doing well!! I love your facebook posts! Your always current, and lovely with your fashion and artistic passion!! xoxoxo

  2. Good post!In answer to your question about replying, I do love to get a reply from the blog writers. It lets me know that they really take an interest in their readers, and they care about their blog. But I do understand it can get gruesome trying to reply to everyone. I think if you just let your readers know, now and again, that you are reading their comments, that can be good enough...I think you do a awesome job with your blog and readers. You are loved!!!

    1. Hi Elisabella! Thank you, also for taking the time to answer my question in regards to the importance of replying. I believe it is important to do so. I love when you stop by to make my day, and want to show my appreciation. Thank you so much for the love of my blog, and me!! I send the love in return. xoxoxo

  3. Enjoy your blog. It's lovely yet understated with just enough you.
    What I don't like about social media is when it's used as a "LOOK AT ME " outlet.

    You have now worries with your blog. It's a beautiful sharing of lovely things in life. My family and I enjoy it.

    1. Dear Anonymous! Your words match your beliefs. You haven't revealed your identity by name, but definitely have by your comment. I can feel the conviction of being true, not needing the wrong overindulgence of attention, and having respect for social media tools. Thank you for sharing. I am so grateful that you, and your family, enjoy my blog. I am definitely not the "big hitter", but I love knowing that something I've done makes a difference!! xoxoxo

  4. Hi Shelly..so lovely to see that you've posted, hope the Summer was a beautiful leisurely time for you and your family. Now you're coming into the most wonderful season of all (Autumn)and l hope you get plenty of time to enjoy it:-)). In regards to social media...as you know l don't facebook, tweet, or do pinterest and my blog is my only outlet so of course l'm not bombarded with it at all....which brings me to your question about commenting and replying. l absolutely love it when the blog writer replies... it makes the readers feel special l think, but at the end of the day l don't think anyone EXPECTS a reply but it's lovely if it happens. It's all about time management isn't it...everyone's so busy these days. l wish someone would write a book on commenting etiquette, l don't think l'll ever understand it:-)) Anyway Shelly have a fantastic weekend coming up.

    1. Hi Bron!! I am so happy to see you (via blog)!!! You have a very practical approach to social media! It's wonderful to have confidence in your "hobby" and are able to narrow it down to a very select usage of social media tools!! You have an extremely beautiful artistic talent for decor and MORE!! I believe you have reason to actually promote your talent on more venues, especially to sell your beautiful paintings!! But, I support your choice!! I pray all is well with you and your family. I have missed seeing your shopping treasure adventures, and your incredible "finds"!!! xoxoxo

    2. Thanks for your beautiful comment Shelly and your kind support of my blog...it's early morning here in Oz and it's been so relaxing reading through all the comments and replies, what a great start to the day:-))

  5. Shelly my lovely friend! I was so very excited to see a new post from Lush this morning. First off, it is so important to take care of ourselves and our stress levels. I'm so glad to hear you have taken time for yourself to do just that. With moving and designing a house and all the rest you've had so much on your plate. These are great lessons from you: "Take things slower, accept less tasks and don't be afraid to take care of self".

    As you know, I struggle with this very question about responding to comments and I'm so happy you posed it. Now that I am back at work I'm finding that I don't have the time to do all that I want with my blog and online boutique. If I had time I would respond to every comment like I did back in the early days of my blog. Sometimes I wondered if any ever went back to reread my responses on older posts. For awhile I had my 'comments settings' formulated in a way that made it easy to comment but I couldn't reply directly to a comment. During that time I got in the habit of responding and the thanking the visitor on their own blog which I was much more certain they would see. That does leave out friends without blogs so I try to text or email to thank them or respond to a question.

    One other thing, I'm a little quirky in that I have a hard time responding to just a few comments, but not all. I don't want anyone to be left out (my issue really;).

    Shelly I so agree with the other comments here.
    We can't do it all. I think we need to give ourselves and each other great understanding that we each have our unique style and way of trying to balance it all. I say whatever works for you is best. Thanks for the question and
    welcome back darling!
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, I know you were knocking yourself out to be the very best blog host. You have been extremely successful. It supports the growth of the blog, and/or business, when the host is connected to the followers. But, as we have all learned, we can only stretch so far! The photo I shared up above, in regards to our dreams vs our time spent on the internet, can be an endless pit, and take away much of the life outside of the internet that we needn't waste. I believe just as we seemingly all do, that "we can only do what we can only do"! Those who love will continue to love, no matter!! Or those who follow will continue to follow, no matter!! So, as for myself, I had to learn to relax, live, do, and trust! It will all be O.K.!!

      Thank you for welcoming me back, Heather. I am back. But, I rest, assured that my blogger friends will love me whether I submit, one, three, or more, weekly posts!!! And, I will do the same for them!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. I have struggled with these issues, too, Shelly.

    Regarding how much to do, I've always felt I'd rather do less and do it better rather than just feel I have to put something out there for the sake of it. This year I've had to cut way back on posting due to "real life" obligations, but thankfully loyal friends like you keep visiting!

    You are so great about commenting, Shelly, and it's so appreciated! With Blogger's threaded comments, I find it easier to reply and do try to reply to most commenters. WordPress has an option where that reply is automatically emailed to the person who wrote it. Haven't figured that out on Blogger, but I every so often I'll send a personal note to readers who have linked their email to express my appreciation. And on the new website I created this summer, I'm featuring many of those lovely comments quite prominently (more about that soon).

    In the end one of the loveliest thing about having your own blog is you can do whatever you want -- we are making up the rules in this still young medium so there's really no right or wrong answer. Have fun and enjoy, most of all.

    1. Doreen, thank you for such a beautiful comment. Those of us who stick through thick and thin (which include those that have commented here on this post, also)exemplify what the new day pen pal friendships are all about! I am so very grateful for every ounce of loveliness that is shared with me! I learn so many valuable lessons about life, friendships, decor, fashion, and art from all my favorite bloggers! I am so happy that I found you, like the rest of my favorites. Life is so much sweeter!

      And, you are so right....there is no right or wrong answer for navigating our blogger styles. They are as unique as we are!


    2. Forgot to mention -- Blogger offers Comments RSS so you can subscribe to a conversation. Me, I just check back if it's something I'm curious about seeing what people said -- like this great post of yours, Shelly.

      Also, I always visit the blog of someone who comments on mine. This is probably the number one way my blog audience grew. Even better it formed these lovely "new day pen pal friendship" -- just love that phrase!