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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Learning to Live Much Differently!

Stress Destroys!
No other way to state it.
I have been learning to live much differently.
Take things slower.
Accept less tasks.
Don't be afraid to take care of self!

Several blogger friends
 have asked the same questions
 in regards to being over-inundated
with the need to use the many tools
of social media. 
I, too, researched
 the "what", the "why", and the "how" 
to utilize
the "right" social media tools, 
so that our message is shared properly,
our businesses can grow,
and, yet,
 still be able to lead healthy personal lives.
 I found this explanation on the internet.

Everything within moderation.
Don't let the internet be the largest part of your day.
(I will be happy and delighted to hear others views. 
I am always eager to learn!!)

However, one question still eludes me
for the perfect answer--
should the host of the blog
reply to every comment of every post?
How should replying actually be handled, 
when the host is not certain that the commentor 
may not actually ever receive the reply?
I follow blogs in which the hosts does reply to each, 
and blogs in which the hosts do not.
Please help!!

Have a beautiful day!