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'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's as if I Were Sitting Across the Table from You,

and we were sharing ideas,
 the latest news, 
or spontaneous thoughts-
-that's blogging for me!

I'm just being me. 

Let's get real!!

I love when my friends, or fellow bloggers, leave a comment. 

 let's take the pressure off-
-not every, or any, post of mine may inspire, entertain, educate, or touch you. 

That's o.k! 

I'm here for "the fun of it"--SERIOUSLY! 
 I'm here to be inspired. 
I'm here to share. 
I'm here to learn. 
I'm here because wonderful fellow bloggers encourage me and build my confidence to continue to share. 

I walk away with WAY more than I give.  

Thank you.



  1. Shelly dear, You are my first and dearest blogger friend. You faithfully commented on my baby blog for months (and was often the only one to do so:). You provided me such encouragement to keep at it, you have no idea. Your generosity, thoughtfulness and wisdom are deeply appreciated. Your comments on Stylemindchic today, about girlfriends, really touched my heart. Though you may not have had the luxury of loads of girlfriends growing up, you have innately learned to become the best kind of girlfriend, warm, thoughtful, generous and, I'll add, fun. You are a giver at heart and you give so much to this community Shelly. Darn that Texas and California aren't closer. ;) Someday my friend. Love this post!
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, we share the same heart!! One day, I will make it to your California, and we will have coffee or wine, and talk and laugh!!! Thank you so much for making me feel special!! I sincerely mean that!! xoxox

    2. Hi Shelly-I was just browsing through some blogs before we leave on vacation and wanted to wish you a wonderful mid summer. I found your sweet comment and feel exactly the same way soul sista! Hope you are feeling good, energetic and enjoying some good summer fun with family. Bigs hugs from California-and yes-someday-wine and coffee are both faves! xx, Heather

  2. If I were sitting across the table from you, I would hope that we were sipping a good drinkie with an amazing dish to go with it. Aaaaand, we would be planning our sister trip to Italy...Get your passport ready. I think that is the medicine you need to get well!!! Ok,ok, I know I am dreaming, but, isn't that what girlfriends/sisters do? I love you so much!!! And Annie, if you are reading this comment, the same goes for you!!!

    1. If only Italy could solve everything, uh no it can not! The best medicine is HONESTY within relationships (all kinds), LOVE, and REAL ness with people which somehow these days seems harder to find than a place to rest your head, dine al fresco and drink wine in italy.

    2. Elisabella, thank you for your dream. I think it is a beautiful dream! It would be wonderful!! I love you, too!! xoxo

    3. Anonymous, it's true what you say. xo

  3. By the way, those curlers in her hair brought back some strong memories of the teenage years! Not sure if they are good or bad! But nevertheless, a part of what made me, and you, us!

    1. And, I agree!! It is an image that definitely brings memories!! It is us!! xoxo

  4. l was so happy to see that you'd posted again Shelly, and l always enjoy my visits here...all your gorgeous pics and insightful words to go with them...As for Heather, you were also my first blogging pal and have remained (along with Sis) my most true and loyal friend. l SO appreciate and THANK you for that...l too wish we could sit across the table and have a good old yarn someday, that'd be amazing...and of course we'd have to go "old " shopping as well:-))

  5. It's great that we can create a world to share our thoughts and feelings and likes with others we may not come across otherwise. I'm very happy you posted again and I hope you are as well as can be!! I always appreciate your comments and visits. Sometimes I read your blog & then comment later, as I like to let what I read sink in, plus I have my youngest with ants in her pants that never sits still to run after, haha! But, am always around enjoying :))) I send you a Great BIG hug XXXXX and lots of love too :)

  6. Hopefully one day we will meet across a table live, but until then the connection we have through our computers is just as meaningful. Thank you for making my every day brighter.

  7. I feel the same way as you! I love when fellow bloggers post a comment but not everything I say is awe-inspiring--if ANYTHING (ha). But, that's ok. I'm here for the fun of it too and I have gotten so much satisfaction since I've started my blog. Great post. Great message. ps--huge hugs for adding me to your blog roll! cheers