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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Miss Visiting with You All!

So, here's my "keeping in touch" post!

I have been so busy these past few weeks. And, I miss reading and posting on the blogs. I haven't had much time to get my thoughts together to share, however, I just wanted to make a small entry to my blogship (friendship)to keep it alive! It's like not calling your friends for a stretch of time and, then, just trying to make that quick connection to let them know they are thought of everyday! So..........I am thinking of everyone and here's my little bit of sharing to keep in touch! You all may know me by now.....I love classic vintage and pairing it with my newer classics. I love mixing old with new! I found the bag on ebay.com. I paid $27.00 with it's original tags still attached. I love it! And, I am a big fan of red, white, and blue! Therefore, I love pairing it with these shoes that I purchsed at Nordstroms about 7 years ago. It's sooooooo much fun to wear them together! Ok........til next time!


  1. Hello Shelly,
    So glad you stopped by, because now I found your oh so lovely blog!I've already combed through it all and just love it. We share a lot of likes! I'm a girly girl and love glam.Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    So glad to know you!
    Your new bloggy friend,

  2. love, love , love the shoes!!! and the purse is perfect for summer!! . . . liz

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by. I see we're fellow Houstonians! I'll most definitely be back for more eye candy here. A lovely stop, for sure....