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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Silver and Gold to Accent!

It's a given........to add sparkle, draw attention, or dress it up, just add a touch of silver or gold!

Sophisticated summer white suit (Carlisle Boutique) with silver buttons and silver accented high heeled sandals. Emphasizing that the cool undertones of white and silver can be HOT too! A "cool" 'LUSH' pick!

Sizzling Sexy Orange Summer Dress (Carlisle Boutique)with fabulous gold high heeled gladiator-styled sandal, gold clutch, gold bangles and hoop earrings! A definite "WOW" 'LUSH' pick!

There's a fine line between decor for the home and fashion! Using silver and gold accents for the home is, and will always be, just as striking as a fashion accent!

A spectacular nickel silver etched coffee table is an understatedly beautiful accent, and a 'LUSH' pick!

Chinese garden stool in silver......an exclusive find at Wisteria! And is a versatile piece that sparkles! A 'LUSH' pick!

Equally spectacular, the Chinese garden stool in gold, and a french honeycomb mirror...........both 'LUSH' picks!

Add sparkle to your days, one outfit or one room at a time! xo