***Identifying 'lush'ousness everyday, everywhere!***


'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

'LUSH' Picks......!

I know summer isn't over. I've held back as best I could. I tell myself to "live in the moment", and the moment is summer. Summer doesn't end until Labor day! But..but...but.....I can't help it! The fall picks are EVERYWHERE!

Which would I rather do? Pick a tangerine from it's tree, or from the rack? Easy. Tangerine Flicker dress............a 'LUSH' pick!

My saying is "black is NEVER basic", especially when you turn it up a notch with "those red heels"! Adding the right pop of color to a "never basic black" ensemble.......a 'LUSH' pick!
More Fall 'LUSH'ness! I want it ALL! All Fall must-haves, All 'LUSH' picks!
May you have more discipline than me when it comes to "living in the moment"! I know..........I'm weak! OK, geez, back to summer! LOL! xo


  1. No No, you are not the only one!! I have been obsessing over my Fall clothes already, hehe! I love the colours that come out in the fall season. I love summer and running around in beach wear and stuff, but I adore the layers of fall!! And have things written down to wear and what I'd like..plus my birthday is in September, so thats a bonus!! Ohh in repy to your comment on my castle post, you are most welcome to use it as you wish, I don't mind at all :) I hope you have a great weekend my dear!! xox

  2. Shelly l do sooo enjoy looking at your fashion pics, always so stylish and funky. The black shirt with the jeans is gorgeous and would be so versatile. The black military jacket is something l'd really buy if l could find it here in Oz. Also love your doggie kennels from the previous post, a lot of spoilt pooches out there hey!!!

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