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Monday, January 30, 2012

An Ending, in Order to Begin! A Hobby! A Want!

Within a weeks timing, two very successful blogs that I follow, posted that they had made a decision to discontinue blogging.

Both authors/creators/owners had taken inventory of their life, and what they were placing as a priority, and realized that blogging (daily or weekly) was taking the majority of their time, talent, and emotion, but was not their number one priority. When they listed their priorities, family/relationships and the quest to live life to the fullest, ranked number 1.  The question was, "If blogging was at the bottom of the list of priorities, why was it receiving the attention, detail and time that the top two priorities should receive?" Even if the blogs were income generating, the authors felt that the "job" was being the all-consuming focus, and not what was actually listed as the number 1-5 priorities.

Although my blog is not income generating, it has been a beautiful tool to entertain and express creative thoughts, build new relationships, gain insight to all sorts of ideas, develop design and style tastes, and push forward with a dream. However, I quickly realized that I was spending too much energy developing and pursuing a tool that was supposed to be "helpful" NOT consuming! I had to, also, take the risk to blog only when I absolutely had something very pressing, valuable, or fun to share. I learned that if the creative inspiration to share was not flowing with ease, I need not force a topic, or the misuse of valuable time.

My approach to posting is the very same as my approach to life, "move when, or as, the Holy spirit speaks"! In the meantime, enjoy the moment at hand in "real time" and with "real tangible life".

And, here's a quick glimpse of my latest finds, that I will "flip" or "use". (Another hobby/interest I play with-- thanks to Craigslist and flea markets.)

Sofas, glass coffee table, and acrylic bar cart

And you know me, I like things that are 'LUSH'! So here's one indulgent I'd like to have for Spring!
Solange Knowles in Christopher Kane's organza shirt via Instyle.

 Have a deeply 'LUSH' week! xo


  1. I have to agree with you!! My blog is only meant to be fun and a way to be creative. And any moment I feel it's becoming anything more and too time consuming, I take off and leave it. I enjoy blogging and learning from others, but there are some who put too much pressure on it to become a selling point and what not and that's not me. I just want to be me on my blog and I like to have fun and share. I had seen a blogger some time ago get upset at her readers because they didn't comment on her blog in the time she had thought they all should have and I was a bit shocked by that, it just showed how obsessed some can be by all of this. And I don't want that, my family come first and that's that!! Life will pass people by if they don't get out and enjoy it all!! Blogs don't need that much importance!! And I adore that dress...it's a must!!! xoxo Hope your days are bright!!

  2. Timbarika, we are definitely on the same page! Balance is key. xo

  3. The thing I've always loved about blogging (and still do) is that it can be whatever you want or need it to be. There are no rules, it's all up to you.

    Another thing I love is the support you do find from so many online friends -- like you, Shelly. I so appreciate all your positive comments always, but this week especially.

  4. Doreen, I find in all of us that the element of "freedom" inspires beyond the "chains" of duty! I agree, with your words that it can be whatever you want or need it to be. And, the support and "love" from our blogging friends remains! And, Doreen, the appreciation is mutual! xo

  5. I thought with the header that you were going to stop blogging. And I was going to raise heck. Phew. I agree with Style Maniac. Blogging is what you make of it. And you do have to find a balance especially if it is not your *job*. I also love all the friends and support I have made through blogging. Including you. Thank you for always visiting my blog and commenting.

  6. "I Am Not Superwoman", your comment is so appreciated too! And, your friendship and support are equally treasured!

  7. wonderful lush things, Shelly, especially the glass table and the couch. i thought too at the first moment that you were going to stop blogging. I love blogging and sharing what I saw but I always limit my time for blogging. I often look for a beautiful houses and interiors (we are going to build our first house this year, so I love doing this but I've never spent more than 30 minutes for blogging (daily). I have a big poster in my home office with the quote of Steve Jobs "Your time is limited, so don't waste it...". So when I blog I really have my alarm clock on for the next 30 minutes :) Before I started blogging I've spend almost 4 months for the design of my blog (with only 30 minutes I can't do much :) but i really don't want to spend much time on the Internet. My husband and I are flying to Berlin tonight. We'll be there till Sunday. So happy. I'll blog on Monday again. Big hugs to you, Shelly. glad to know you


  8. Oh Maria, I am SO HAPPY for you! Building a new home can be intense, but so exciting too! I pray all goes beautifully!

    And, I admire your discipline of limiting your blog time! I actually have to limit mine. It's a good thing I do, 'cause I literally get too focused and lose track of time. Through this particular post, I have been given enormous support and confidence through the exceptional comments! I am so grateful! The sincerity, and honesty, has boosted my self-confidence in connecting through the blog! It has been a very positive experience!

    I wish you joy while traveling to Berlin! Be safe! Big hugs to you too Maria! And, grateful to know you too!

  9. Hi Shelly...what an interesting post and l've loved reading through the comments too, what a lovely, sensible group of blog friends you have...l agree with you all that blogging is just another avenue of sharing the creative consciousness, for me being but a teeny drop in the mighty ocean of blogland l have no pressure whatsoever...l love and appreciate the interraction with other like minds however there's no expectations there either, well thanks for the thought provoking post Shelly hope all is wonderful in your world. Thanks for being there...
    PS l'm lovin' that shirt also and it'd be great if you could share an AFTER if you do any of that furniture up before you sell on..

  10. Hi Bron! Again, I am so appreciative of the out-pouring of support and connection through this post! Every comment has linked each of our thoughts about why we blog, our choice on amount of posting, and truly, our appreciation to connect with such talented women!

    I will try to post what I do with each piece. I am upset with myself because I have "re-fabbed" and flipped so many pieces but did not share. I am working on being more organized in taking inventory of the purchase/refurb/sell. : )