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Monday, January 30, 2012

An Ending, in Order to Begin! A Hobby! A Want!

Within a weeks timing, two very successful blogs that I follow, posted that they had made a decision to discontinue blogging.

Both authors/creators/owners had taken inventory of their life, and what they were placing as a priority, and realized that blogging (daily or weekly) was taking the majority of their time, talent, and emotion, but was not their number one priority. When they listed their priorities, family/relationships and the quest to live life to the fullest, ranked number 1.  The question was, "If blogging was at the bottom of the list of priorities, why was it receiving the attention, detail and time that the top two priorities should receive?" Even if the blogs were income generating, the authors felt that the "job" was being the all-consuming focus, and not what was actually listed as the number 1-5 priorities.

Although my blog is not income generating, it has been a beautiful tool to entertain and express creative thoughts, build new relationships, gain insight to all sorts of ideas, develop design and style tastes, and push forward with a dream. However, I quickly realized that I was spending too much energy developing and pursuing a tool that was supposed to be "helpful" NOT consuming! I had to, also, take the risk to blog only when I absolutely had something very pressing, valuable, or fun to share. I learned that if the creative inspiration to share was not flowing with ease, I need not force a topic, or the misuse of valuable time.

My approach to posting is the very same as my approach to life, "move when, or as, the Holy spirit speaks"! In the meantime, enjoy the moment at hand in "real time" and with "real tangible life".

And, here's a quick glimpse of my latest finds, that I will "flip" or "use". (Another hobby/interest I play with-- thanks to Craigslist and flea markets.)

Sofas, glass coffee table, and acrylic bar cart

And you know me, I like things that are 'LUSH'! So here's one indulgent I'd like to have for Spring!
Solange Knowles in Christopher Kane's organza shirt via Instyle.

 Have a deeply 'LUSH' week! xo