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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Then and Now! And, a little extra!

So I had fun watching movies over the past weekend! I thoroughly enjoy watching the Goldie-oldies (at least that's the fun term I've heard expressed)! I love taking in every bit of the dialogue, clothing, and decor of "then" (40's - 60's). Forgive my photography, but I took a screen shot of the ensemble on the right (then), and compared to the ensemble on the left (now)! Both are beautiful, classic and the 2012 chosen color. The only difference--that was the norm of appropriately dressing for everyday, while today we only dress when it's absolutely appropriate (which isn't always very often).  The standard was so much higher back then. Some might argue that it's because, today, we are more relaxed and casual. But, I see a continued inner fashion fight on what is the truth in dressing respectful and appropriate, AND, being relaxed/casual.  Fashion was at it's high, on an everyday basis, back then, and we ride a roller coaster of whether or not we keep it to a high, everyday, today. My choice, is to take every moment possible, and make it an appropriately "high" fashion moment! 

(image on the left via pinterest. image on the right from Take Her, She's Mine.)

And, here's a little something extra! Just throwing this out there for whatever reason! OK, the reason is--I really enjoy pinning, and I really love pink!  One of my favorite Pinterest boards is Pink Crush Pink 'LUSH'. I love pink. It brings me a sense of joy, and excites the feminine heart in me. But, funny, I have not used it in my decor. And, I rarely wear it, unless it appears smart, sporty, or classic. But, I do LOVE it!

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Have a beautifully HIGH FASHION MOMENT day!! xo


  1. I agree..we do not dress as appropriate and well attired as they did back then and I do not see why really. We've become relaxed yet, but in some people's cases - lazy. Standards and requirements in public places even have become relaxed, which I think is a shame. I love to dress up and wear pretty dresses each day. Even when I go to pick my daughter up from school, I sometimes get looks like I am over dressed, but that is ok, because I think they are under dressed, haha! And we should live each day like it's a party and enjoy ourselves, take the dresses out of the closet and doll up, makes one feel great and confident. And I love pink, I disliked it as a child because I was a huge tomboy, but over the years it has grown on me and I love it around. Vintage pink is my favourite...I do enjoy these photos!! xox

  2. I too dress up even if it's to the school or grocer. We act differently, and are treated differently when we show that we respect who we are, the company we are in, and where we are. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. I have never been graceful and work very hard at having some level of graceful mannerisms. Loving pink is the most feminine quality I can exude. : ) xo

  3. Shelly, I'm in love with all your pink photos. the pink table, the transparent chair...and all the others too. big hugs

  4. Thank you Maria! Pink can inspire such lovely feelings! And, yes, the pink table and transparent chair are yummy! hugs to you too

  5. i love the pink desk......My Mimi who is 7 wanted to write this comment to you all by herself!
    We saw your blog over at The Paris Apartment......I love dressing up also and feel its becoming a lost art as more people are discovering wearing there pajamas in public is becoming acceptable!!

  6. Thank you for stopping by Polkadotpeticoat! I will return the favor!

  7. Saw your pretty pink pics over at The Paris Apartment ... yay!

    The comment from Mimi, above,is beyond adorable. That little girl should have a blog!

  8. Doreen, thank you! It's been such an overwhelming feeling to be mentioned several times on The Paris Apartment! Unexpected and so exciting! And, you're right, I was touched by the comment from Polkadotpeticoat! I would expect that soon the little one WILL be creating and sharing a blog!

  9. Hi Shelly just saw that Claudia has given you (and me) a shoutout on her blog (don't you love that)...your pic is the prettiest of the post...it's gorgeous. l agree it's great fun to dress up and certainly wouldn't shlep outside the house in my jimjams...lovin both of those orange outfits but the one on the left is stylishly casual and l daresay more comfy..have a fantastic rest of your week.

  10. Bron, I agree and you "beat me to it"--I was going to visit you and say the very same! It's such an honor to be mentioned. I am so happy for you too! Thank you for being such a great blogger friend! xo