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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go Back to The Beginning.......

For most, 
going back to the beginning 
can help resolve issues, 
while answering many questions,
 in regards to one's own life, 
therefore, beginning, or catapulting, 
the healing process 
and growth of emotions and faith.

When all else fails, 
it is stated that 
we need not look any farther than ourselves.
 Look within. 
Or, face oneself. 
And, many times, 
that includes facing each other 
(as in siblings, or other priority relationships).
Christmas Day 2011 all nine of us

An extremely valuable lesson 
we were reminded of this year, 
- no matter what, where, when, how, or why - 
we love each other deeply
 and will be there to face-off with the truth 
and  help each other grow, restore, and stay on track.  
No matter how hard the times get, 
when we let God take charge, 
we find the truth, rest, and comfort in each other 
and our own little families.

images via pinterest and Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic

And, with all the perseverance and faith, 
agreements and disagreements, 
combined with love and care, 
we all want the very best for each other, 
as well as ourselves.

Have a blessed day! xo


  1. I agree!! Sometimes going back to the start is a great thing, if we are wise, we learn not to repeat the mistakes we made the first time!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! xx

  2. What a great picture...you look beautiful. That piece of art is so intersting.....is it yours? I like your message here and believe true love, both romantic and family love are unconditional, we take the good and bad with the ugly and pretty! Happy 2012!

  3. Thank you both, Timbarika and Tina, for responding to one of my most heartfelt messages! It's wonderful to agree on the most important aspects of life and love.

    And,in response to your question, Tina, the art is from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic. Apparently she has many on her site/blog. I believe the artist has created pieces for others who found her on Rachel's blog. It is beautiful and such a beautiful message at that!

  4. Well said Shelly. A very nice post to begin a new year. Love that watercolor of the house in the tree.

  5. It is a beautiful watercolor, isn't it? I would love to own it myself!