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Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Sharing!

There is nothing other than the desire to share a few 'LUSH' "wants", and a great idea, to support posting today! Sharing is ALWAYS a good thing! Besides, it's Friday, sort-of end of the work week, and my mind starts REALLY wandering (that's not true, it wanders all the time) to a more desirable focus! Like..............

.......an outfit so sophisticated, stylish, and easy!

........or any one, or all, of these satchel bags, which I have tried to get my hands on, and will not give up til I have victory!

......purchasing just one more pair of sunshades.

....or discovering another fantastic DIY idea! I always pick up money that I stumble upon. Now I see, it's a definite way to save on flooring! : )

Hope your week is winding down with happy thoughts too! Remember, 'LUSH' is anything richly satisfying to the senses or mind, no matter how extravagant or simple. Have a beautifully 'LUSH' weekend! xo