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Friday, January 13, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another!

Seeing this movie logo image, brought back some very fond memories of my childhood, and, again, with my children's childhood. So, this weekend, while the weather outside is January cold and overcast, I'll be inside making memories, filled with laughter and tears, with a couple of good movies.

 So seeing this..............

............led to this (movie logo collage).

...............which led to opening a flood gate of fondness towards sitting in front of the TV with popcorn and family. That's where I plan to be!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  1. Have a wonderful weekend too..I do love movies and I think I will have a movie weekend too..I always enjoy seeing the film company logos at the start and we try guessing which company it is before we see it, because they all have their own music and sounds that play beforehand, haha! Sounds sad really that I know that!! But, enjoy and have fun :))) xoxox

  2. Hey its bringing back some great memories over here too...I could see that collage as a great movie poster for home theaters or just movie buffs, Shelly!

  3. Timbarika, I love the start of movies with their logos and particular sound track. That was the thrill when we were little (and even now), hearing the regal music burst as the logo made its grand appearance onto the screen! Love it! Have fun too! xo

    Tina, I'm so glad to share the sentiment. I agree that the collage would make a fantastic display! Isn't it funny, how simple things can be such a good feeling? xo

  4. HI Shelly! Hope you enjoyed movie weekend! any good ones? I'll touch base with you this week :) xo

  5. Hi Nancy! I did enjoy my movie time! Hope you had a great weekend also! Can't wait to hear from you this week! xo

  6. Hi Superwoman! I watched Take Her, She's Mine, and, The Guide to a Married Man (which are both oldies). And, then, I watched Buck, and, The Other Guys! Really enjoyed all!