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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiration. Everywhere.

Yes, inspiration is everywhere! It can be something said or written, or a push coming from deep within your heart. The ways to be inspired are limitless and unique!

To be inspired is to be influenced, or 'caused to act (or create).

These inspiring words are written in my book (heart) on decorating and creating a home!

And with that being said........... 
my creative juices start to flow with day-to-day work tasks, too.

While working, properties, that I believe could be brought to glory, come across my desk! Even though I worked as a specialist on the market value of this property over a year ago, I cannot get it out of my mind, or heart. I'm in love with this home. 

The same with these sweet little row houses. I'm reminded of what can actually happen if we follow the example of  His and Hers Houses!


......could look like these!

No matter where you are in the day,  I hope you find inspiration right there! xo