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Monday, April 23, 2012

Simple. Satisfying.

If you can't spend the majority of your day, doing exactly what you love, at least make time in the weak to do so otherwise. And, if what you love doing is "being creative", then by all means, whether big project, or small, "be creative"!

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And, although I love most everything in my day that I have my mind and hands on, occasionally, I want a little bit more of a certain thing.  I am not having much luck in opening up windows for big projects for the home, so a smaller, simpler one will have to work it's satisfying magic.


..............became this!

After spray painting a coat of primer,
 a coat of silver, 
and adding a mirror, 
the results--
Simple. 'LUSH'. 

(Temporary quick set-up. Once I place it in it's proper place in the home, I will re-post a photo!)

The spare-time mini project can be equivalent to
 the emotional fix of skipping lunch 
to buy that coveted pair of shoes on your lunch hour. LOL!
Be inspired!