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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's NOT about the Wedding! It's about LOVE!

Gorgeous setting, guests all seated, Marine Corp in place, music began................and the rain decided to bless this beautiful occasion.

The wedding planner, immediately moved everything inside, and the sweet beginning of the marriage of Nathan and Julie showed that they would easily "weather" through the weather in all aspects of their married life!!! No tears because of the rain, just sweet sweet joy for this bride......

.......and, her Marine, 2nd Lt., groom. And, the both of them made sure that their joyous day was shared with the Marine brother serving overseas in Afghanistan.....................
(the groom announced during the vows to turn and say hello to his brother, as the bride waved.)

..........via the iPad held, with the connection set-up, by their Uncle Brian.

The bride and groom were relaxed, extremely over-joyed, and complimentary to each other. I can honestly say that it has been a very long time since I have witnessed a marriage ceremony that was actually NOT about the wedding, but about the LOVE between the bride and groom, and their desire to be surrounded by those who love them.

(And, you know you're getting old when your sons are definitely looking like full grown men.) They are best friends with the groom and his brothers. They share a very respectful friendship. They are a huge part of the reason we respect the service men and women.
(pictured here with 1 of the 3 brothers of the groom)
The wedding had entertainment, other than the dancing! Cousins reuniting decided to catch-up on some much missed fun with the photo booth! (As did the entire wedding guest attendees!)
And, the brothers decided they needed to have some fun with the photo booth also! (Crazy boys!)
All in all, the message of this wedding celebration was very clear-- that despite the imperfection that the rain may have brought by interrupting their beautifully set outdoor wedding, love of each other and love of family was most important. And, just to show how deep the bond is between this family--the bride and groom helped to stage a proposal for the 3rd brother to be engaged to marry! Yep, right after they staged the bouquet toss and garter to be caught by the two to be engaged, they help set up center stage for the proposal to take place (the bride-to-be was the one completely caught off guard). Needless to say, the room was "awh-ed".

There is so much to be commended when a bride and groom are NOT afraid of sharing the "limelight" on their day! This is love! This is family!

 Ahhh, so refreshing!!!